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PMP small business
That time I lost my mind and decided to run a marathon.

Q: How do you run a marathon?
A: One mile at a time.

Q: How do you grow a business?
A: One step at a time.

How would it feel to KNOW you were doing exactly what you need to do, in order to move your business forward? 

In the military, it’s said that a plan never survives first contact with the enemy.  The same holds true for a business plan.  Your business strategies and processes NEED to evolve as your business grows.  However, most business owners spend their days constantly running between getting more clients/customers and putting out fires.

The ugly truth is that most business owners are just winging it from crisis to crisis.  That's why so many businesses owners struggle, and that's why so many businesses fail.

The good news is, we can fix this.  You don't have to be like Sisyphus, rolling that boulder up the same mountain until it crushes you.

We'll work together and develop a practical, actionable plan to get your business under control so you can enjoy the freedom you were looking for in the first place.

Unlike your typical business coach, I'm a certified Project Management Professional - which is a fancy way of saying that I passed a test that says I know how to herd cats and measure what goes into herding cats.

But I did survive 20 years in the Navy, which is basically cat herding.

We all know we’re supposed to be working ON our business, not IN our business.

At the age of 24, I found myself responsible for a department of over 120 people.  Although I was working hard and felt like I was slaying it, I also felt trapped in a vicious cycle.  The faster I got through my "To Do List," the more stuff people wanted us to do, and the more stuff needed to get done.  At first, I tried to compensate by working longer hours - which did not do wonders for my home life.

That's what happens when you scale an operation without having the right systems in place.

It was incredibly frustrating to operate in “reactive mode,” instead of getting ahead of things.  I got REALLY good at prioritizing, systematizing, and delegating.  (That's when also when I first started teaching others how to do it too!)

When we work together, you'll get a trusted advisor who has experience advising C-suite level decision makers in sensitive and complex situations.

How would it feel to have a little help figuring out what your next step should be?

It's tough to feel inspired when you’re trapped under a tidal wave of work or stressed out about cash flow.  I can help you stop the relentless waves of soul-crushing minutiae so you have time to focus on the vision and strategy!

My mission is to give entrepreneurs the tools they need to get results better and faster than they imagined possible by helping them nail down their business processes so they can focus on bringing their best skills to their clients. I can work with you in person if you’re in Virginia Beach, or online if you’re elsewhere.

I work with entrepreneurs and professionals from all walks of life, but I have a REAL soft spot for female leaders in male-dominated industries like IT/tech, engineering, and professional services.

We start by scheduling a free call to get an understanding of your goals – where you are today, and where you want to go.

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